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Paul Layton Cardall was born with a severe heart defect, and was only given a few months to live. However, he survived through numerous surgeries. He began piano lessons at the age of eight but quit after six months because he was frustrated with the practice routine. During high school Cardall lost a close friend and in search of solace he sat at the family piano and discovered his ability to play by ear and transcribe the feelings of his heart through music. Cardall would play the piano two to three hours a day. Cardall studied a couple of months with pianist Craig Kaelin and credits him with teaching Cardall how to chart music (which would later serve a valuable purpose in his studio recording sessions.)

While continuing to develop his composing skills, Cardall took jobs playing the piano at Nordstroms and The Roof Restaurant (atop the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City). His public performances led to Cardall recording his first album, entitled Sign of Affection, in 1995. A copy of this home-pressed album made its way to author Richard Paul Evans, writer of The Christmas Box. Evans invited Cardall to create a musical adaptation of the book.

Since then Cardall has partnered with Narada, a division of Virgin Records, to re-release The Christmas Box. He also debuted a new album entitled The Looking Glass. In December 1999 both records were listed on Billboard's Top 25 New Age Charts (www.allmusic.com) During his association with The Christmas Box, families of victims in the Oklahoma City bombing requested the music be played during the memorial ceremonies as families placed flowers on the empty chairs representing their lost loved ones.

During the year 2002, Cardall recorded two albums, Daily Devotions and Miracles: A Journey of Hope and Healing. Miracles has spent more time on New Age Voice's Top 100 radio charts than any other pianist in 2002. The song «Driving North» debuted at # 3 on Amazon.com 's Smooth Jazz Top 200 MP3 charts. Wind and Wire magazine gave his 2003 release, Faithful, the # 2 spot of best contemporary instrumental albums of 2003.

In September 2005 Cardall released a new CD called Primary Worship, inspired by the innocence and spiritual development of childhood. The album debuted at # 12 on the Billboard Magazine Top 25 New Age Chart, spending 11 weeks on that chart. [Citation needed] Cardall founded independent label Stone Angel Music which produces, markets, and distributes not only his catalogue of recordings but recently signed cellist Steven Sharp Nelson whose debut album, Sacred Cello, debuted at # 18 on Billboard's Classical Chart in September 2006.

Cardall also appears on two compilation albums, 20 Years of Narada Piano and Piano Portraits (Excel Entertainment Group.)

Cardall is a Mormon, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and attended Salt Lake Community College in Utah.

Cardall lived 36 years with Congenital Heart Disease. He was born with only a single functioning ventricle or half-heart. In August 2008, with his heart failure, Cardall was listed for a heart transplant. After waiting 385 days, he received a donated heart via transplant on September 9, 2009.

Cardall and his wife Lynette have one child, a daughter named Eden.
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